University students set to travel to Peru for climate change conference

Four undergraduate students of the Washington University as well as 2 graduate students would travel to Lima, Peru to attend the United Nations Climate Change 2014 conference between 1st December and 12th December.

In Conference of the Parties 20th session, students would have the scope to present their very own research and also attend negotiations, side events as well as open sessions to learn about others peoples research.

Unlike earlier years, when the event has gone through Washington University Students for International Collaboration on the Environment, the events 5th  this year  would be arranged through International Center for Advanced Renewable Energy and Sustainability. 3 students would attend the 1st week of the conference with the Lecturer in Law Beth Martin, as well as the other 3 would attend the 2nd week with Anu Hittle, the career consultant.

Senior student Jess Rudnick said that she relishes their real life applications. Rudnick told that she is an environmental earth science major and she wants to stay in the field of environmental work, and this is a really interesting opportunity to see the international conversation related to it.

Junior student Teddy Sims, who is one of the attendees, stated that the students expect to expand on what earlier University designates have already learned. He added that their independent research component is that they are going to be interviewing stakeholders as well as other nonprofits and country delegates who have same type of situations to essentially make a foundation of knowledge, a basis of knowledge that they could build off of next year.