United States must review their Colombia travel warning, says Juan Manuel Santos

The president of Colombia has asked the vice president of the United States to review the alert the United States has placed for their tourists who are visiting Colombia. In a telephone chat with the United States Vice President Joe Biden, Juan Manuel Santos, the Colombia President, talked about the elimination of visa requirements, and also asked US to take down the travel warning it has placed on Colombia earlier.
The Colombian president stated that the old US travel warning no longer works on Colombia in a telephone call to US Vice President, said a release. In the travel warning, the United States state department said: “While the U.S. Embassy possesses no information concerning specific and credible threats against U.S. citizens in Colombia, we strongly encourage you to exercise caution and remain vigilant as terrorist and criminal activities remain a threat throughout the country.”
The United States government’s warning was published in the month of April, in this year, showed explosions which happen on a regular basis, gang violence, drug issues as well as kidnapping as the primary reasons why people must exercise caution when they are visiting Colombia.
Meanwhile, Rodrigo Londono, the Colombian guerrilla leader, has reportedly made secret government authorized tours to Cuba many times in the previous year to meet with his team of negotiators as part of the peace dialogues to end fifty years of civil war, said the Colombian officials earlier on Thursday.