Travel Peru without causing environmental damage

These days, tourism has become very popular across the world than ever before. One of the welfares of globalization has been the step-up in low-cost travel to intercontinental places. Many people look to visit world’s travel places, among them is the South American country Peru as well as its well known Inca temples and Amazon rain forest.

The real cost of this tourism actually bestows to the devastation of the environments because of the pollution made by the transport infrastructure utilized to relish these sights. Condor Travel, a Peru tour operator, have sealed a deal that could alter that, and also offer eco-friendly visitors a clear conscience.

This new deal was signed on 21st October, 2013, and this would allow people to purchase carbon bonds which offset the carbon emissions sparked by their holiday along with carbon credits which are reinvested in the world in surrounding regions.

According to reports, Condor Travel’s president Sammy Niego told that the average tourist on a 5 day tour to Peru makes an unbelievable 0.7 tons of carbon emissions during their journey. Their new policy lets them to positively offset that amount by donating one ton of carbon credits to the preservation and development of some of the most beautiful and endangered regions of Peru. He added that this would help to save existing forests while undoing some of the damage done to this fragile environment over the last 5 decades. This suggests that people could see unique and breathtaking natural vistas without contributing to their destruction, letting for guilt free tourism.