Travel Advice

Security - Peru

Take normal precautions against thieves.

Upload a copy of identification documents. Save the originals and valuables in a safe deposit of your hotel and make sure to list what is deposited and verify the responsibility assumed by the establishment

Upload valuables discreetly. Not a large amount of cash. Taking care of your bags and luggage.

Do not load luggage, bags or backpacks.

Do not change money on the street.

Do not walk late at night in low light or without company.

Phone - Peru

International calls and long distance calls can be made from payphones. The country and city codes are usually displayed in the booths.

To make an international call, dial: 00 + country code + city code + phone number.

To call from one city to another, dial: 0 + city code + phone number.

Pay phones accept coins and cards, sold in stalls and supermarkets. Make sure you buy the card of the phone company the phone you want to use. They can not take collect calls from these phones.

For telephone information, dial 103 (service in Spanish).

Internet - Peru

major cities have public Internet booths. The average cost per hour is $ 1.3

Health Affairs - Peru

Only bottled water or boiled water.

Be careful with raw vegetables and fruits.

Avoid eating from street vendors.

Rest the first day of arrival to the mountains, and light meals to prevent altitude sickness (altitude sickness). Take "coca tea" is recommended.

If you travel to the mountains or the jungle, be sure to wear insect repellent and a raincoat.

For medical services, contact the hotel staff or travel agent.

If you want security for travelers, contact your favorite travel agency.

Banks - Peru

The hours of banks in Peru are normally from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 p.m. In addition, most banks are open to the public on Saturday until noon. In the streets of major cities have ATMs installed in different banks.

Exchange Rate - Peru

It is recommended that the money be changed in hotels, banks and authorized exchange offices (Service hours: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm, approximately). The dollar exchange rate is variable. Prompt before changing your money. To change other currencies inquire at the exchange offices.

Nightlife - Peru

Most cities in Peru have a wide variety of evening entertainment. Information about places of interest can be obtained where you are staying. If you wish to enjoy typical Peruvian music, you can also visit the so called "rocks."

Food & Drink - Peru

Peruvian cuisine offers a variety and dishes from the coast, the Sierra and Selva. Always ask first about their ingredients, since some dishes can contain hot pepper or highly seasoned. You will also find establishments where international food is prepared.
In regard to drinks, try the very Peruvian Pisco (grape brandy) in one of several recipes, as well as "chicha morada" (purple corn juice) "chicha" (corn juice or red fermented yellow) and aguaje juice made from fruit from the rainforest.