Students going to Peru

A passionate teacher has encouraged his students to know other cultures and this inspiration will lead his students who are all set to go to Peru in February 2013. In Peru, they will learn about Peruvian culture, go to the ancient civilization’s remnants and also volunteer at poor elementary schools in the country.

February is a vacation time and this is the time when most students of the Westwood High School will travel around the town, but nineteen students will go to Peru with their Spanish teacher Katelyn Testa. There they will stay at an impoverished elementary school and more importantly, they will see their culture.

Katelyn Testa told her students that Peru is just an amazing place. This is an opportunity that may not show up again and this is one of the primary reasons why several students have decided to come on this tour.

One of the students told that Peru appears to be a nice place – it is interesting and different. This trip is different than going to Spain or France and it is also more difficult because this is a kind of once in a lifetime scope.

Students are looking ahead to see Machu Picchu, the major piece that reminds people of Inca civilization which survived the late sixteenth century’s Spanish Conquest. Locals knew about this place but it became popular to international travelers after 1911.
In the past Testa had taken her students to Spain and some other different places. They were planning for this Peru trip for quite some time.