School students to go to Peru next year

Following school tours to Europe and China, students of the Hoosick Falls Central School just may have the scope to go to Peru to not just only tour the popular sites, but also to stay with the local families as well as take part in a community service program.

After approving a tour to Europe in the next spring, the school board members offered their primary OK for the planned tour to South America in 2014's July. The trip that need at least ten to twelve students who have finished a minimum amount of Spanish for the unique immersion experience that, according to Pam Fricke (Spanish Teacher), would offer real progression in the language skills of the students. she told that she really want students to come back with a feeling of what it is like to live in that culture.

While speaking to officials of the school recently, Fricke told that the 2 week tour combined tourism along with community service as well as home stays with local Peruvian families. She stated that the added family stay component would offer a unique view of the local culture which is not available otherwise. The students, who will go there, will stay with the host families for around half of the time.

A service program in Atuncolla would happen over many days as well as it depend on the needs of the community. Superintendent Kenneth Facin told that he love the immersion and the community service piece. The board members also expressed their enthusiasm for the scope but noted they as well as the organizers would require to do their due diligence.