Pioneer students to go to Peru in July

If everything goes as per plan, then twelve students of the Pioneer Valley Regional School, an expedition leader and 2 teacher chaperones will go to Lima in Peru in July. A Northfield second year student Samantha Gorzocoski stated that it is going to be part community service and part culture exchange. This is also a chance to get out and face the world.

This 3 week long travel would cost around $ 7000 each person. Samantha Gorzocoski and her class mates have now raising money since they listened about the scope regarding this 2 years ago. She told that they have had tag sales, sold seat cushions, had a calendar raffle and sold pizza. They would sell Hillside Pizza’s take and bake pies before Superbowl, as well as more seat cushions during the school basketball season.

On the other hand, Samantha’s parents have mixed reactions regarding sending their daughter to another land. Gorzocoski stated that her mother appeared nervous about her going to a faraway land; and her dad is a bit jealous; he had always wanted to go to Peru.

This Peru trip is not really an official school tour. But all students who are going to the trip are from Pioneer. Emily Beeman, the Pioneer World Language Department Chairwoman and Spanish teacher, would also accompany them to the tour along with gym instructor Robert Englehart. Emily said the students would get much more out of their forthcoming voyage than the average summer tour.