Peruvian blogger wins travel blog honour

If you are looking for some travel related suggestions before you make your trip to Peru, you can have a chat with Peruvian blogger Mary Salas.

The International Travel Festival 2016, sponsored by UK yacht charter company declared that the blog, Los viajes de Mary (i.e., Mary’s Travels), won Most Popular Travel Blog Award, as per to the official Facebook page of the fest.

Mary will be recognized officially for her award at FITUR event that will take place in Barcelona, Spain, 20th to 24th Jan, 2016. As mentioned on her blog, Mary is an architect, travel blogger and photographer. She is originally from Arequipa, and then she moved to Barcelona to study. This is when she found herself in love with traveling.

She started to talk about her experiences of traveling and then it evolved into a warmth that many are really thankful for. Mary offers tours to travel economically with topics which range from healthy as well as cheap eating in Paris, France, to why one must leave their comfort zone.

To win the honor, her blog contended for votes from the public against sixteen other pages as per to El Comercio.
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