Peru to have new airport to boost tourism

There are several paths to visit Machu Picchu in Peru, whether by train, or on a horseback, or on foot and even an organized bus tour. But now it appears that they country is very keen to turn thins even more easy as they are hatching a plan to built an airport in Inca empire, Cusco.

Ollanta Humala, the president of the country, has recently revealed his plans to invest 290 million pounds and build a brand new international standard airport to support the country’s tourism scene in that region.

The current airport of the region is not able to deal with major flights coming from abroad. Therefore, the place has to rely on small planes fly within the country. The place is surrounded by hill and small mountains and this makes it quite tough for large flights to fly in that place. This is the reason more visitors fly to Lima that has little to attract travelers.

A new airport, which is just outside the city, might see international travelers coming directly to this city and making their Machu Picchu journey much easier. Mr Humala told that they require a new airport as the present one is not really sufficient.

This planned airport will not only attract tourists, but will also create more jobs. It will also offer as added value for the surrounding communities. Tourism is a major source of income in Peru and authorities believe that this airport will serve to battle poverty. However, the controversy regarding protecting the Inca ruins have already risen.