Colorful Bird Species Discovered

New bird species are identified by scientists in the cloud forest regions of Peru. Most of these bird species boasts rich scarlet markings and they are also very colorful. A team comprised of four ornithologists discovered the species while they were on trip to Peru in September, 2008. They published their results in the year 2012, in the edition of The Auk. The Auk is the official publication of American Ornithologists’ Union.

The small and colorful birds were spotted mostly in pairs, digging into the lower canopy seeking for snacks and berries. The birds are seen having black masks over their face, white colored throats, red markings atop their heads running out to the breasts accompanied with pale yellow dotting. Their appearance and habitat is limited to the small part of the muggy, dense forests rowding together the high edged slopes of eastern Andes.

Genetic data says that these new found species are closely related to scarlet-banded barbet, a species that they resemble closely. But the newfound birds are brighter and colorful than that of their cousin ones.

In recent years, Peru is been observed as a font of newfound species because the region is home to wild and remote ecosystems that can air vast challenges for scientists who are trying hard to climb field expeditions.

Besides colorful birds, scientists recently discovered some species of colorful lizards in Peru. Before that there were discovered yellow-tailed monkeys that had stayed out of sight for several years. Those who love wildlife and want to explore the best of it should definitely pay a visit to Peru.

Lima is a popular tourist destination

Almost one third of the whole Peruvian population stays in Lima, the country’s capital. But Lima is surely much more than that. This place is well known for its architecture, great weather and most importantly for its culinary dishes. Lima is really a budget friendly destination. The place is scattered with ancient mounds called ‘huacas’ that charge general fees.

Costa Verde: Lima's coast stretches 4 districts and each district has its very own charm. A bike path and grassy parks break up a coastal bluff from "Malecón" road (San Isidro) and Miraflores. You may go to Parque del Amor and join the lovers there. Barranco is a bohemian district, which is full of art galleries, bars and cafes. It also has nice parks. There is a fisherman’s market which is known as ‘Mercado de Pescadores Artesanales’. In this market independent fisherman sells their catches.

Parque Kennedy: It is the heart of the commercial district of Miraflores. There are several popukar restaurants and cafes in this place. The municipal government sets up theatre, music and dance performances.

Plaza De Armas: This is one of the most charming places in Latin America. This place is intoxicating during night, especially the Archbishop's Palace. At the Presidential Palace, watch the shifting of the guards at 1 pm. On Saturday mornings, this place is free for all.

Free Museums: There are many museums in the city. Plaza Boíivar is Spanish Inquisition museum. Afro-Peruvian museum is another museum located downtown.

The Pacific Alliance

On Wednesday, Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Chile signed an accord making the Pacific Alliance to much profoundly incorporate their economies as well as make brand new trade connections with Asia-Pacific region.

Sebastian Pinera, the President of Chile, told that from the peaks of Paranal - in the most desiccate desert in the planet and under the most unclouded of skies, they have signed a deal bearing to Pacific Alliance.

He was addressing at a presidential summit which is near the Atacama desert’s giant telescope to start the new alliance, paid heed by Felipe Calderon of Mexico, Ollanta Humala of Peru, Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia and the Presidents of Panama and Costa Rica as well as other observers. The Latin American axis’ creation, along with a 215 million consumers as well as a blended gross domestic ware over 2 trillion dollar was proposed in Lima last year.

Host Pinera told that in a much little period, they have really succeeded in moving ahead rapidly and added that it would give rise to deep integration which will go beyond free trade as well as extend to Asia-Pacific region.

Calderon of Mexico told that the Pacific Alliance's economic potential is significant. Colombia termed it as the most important integration process in Latin America. He added that there are no inconsistencies or exception vis-a-vis other integration attempts. They are against no one but in favor of greater integration.

Santos was repeated by Humala who asserted that the brand new alliance doesn't appear to displace other groupings like Andean Community, or even Union of South American Nations.


The coach of Morton baseball Team, Jeff Millard said that the Potters played extremely well. He usually does not show his emotions after victory or losing yet he could not resist after the Potters won by (20-4, 7-1). The Potters finished a complete home whitewash of Mid-Illini Conference in Washington last week, the expert coach could not help but exposed his emotions. It is no secret that superb pitching was considered the toast for Morton this period. But following Wednesday’s 10-4 victory over team Panthers, team Potters showed that they can strike the ball much better.

After Potter star Will Headean defeated Washington down with a score card of (19-5, 8-2) on Monday in a thrilling 3-0 shutout, the Potters fault went to work against the star of Washington Charlie Ludolph’s favor on Wednesday. 5 different Potters registered 2 or more knocks as Morton rammed out fourteen hits in the truimph. Millard said about his fault that the potters can really hit the ball well. He also added that they usually do not hit in this manner, but are capable of doing it when needed.

This season of Base Ball, the Potters have just a team member with a batting average of around .400 or more. Senior Matt Hungate goes into this week straight at .400. Brock Christianson has an average of .329, while Dakota Hill has an average of .316. Jordan Wanner who averages .307 and Brett Bispingwhose batting average is .300 are chief contributors on the Potters fault who are batting with an average of .300 or more.

After last week’s clean sweep of team Panthers, who got in as unvanquished in M-I play, the Potters are positioned in a first position tie with Limestone remains at the top of the conference rankings.


The town of Santo Tomas nestled in the Peruvian Andes. Since time immemorial, hill dwellers have had a reputation for toughness and stamina.

The strong, sure-footed, sturdy and the environment of the Andes is a tough place. The slopes are rocky, storm-blasted. Food is inadequate with the inhabitants feeding on potatoes and whatever animal one manages to hunt. On top of that altitude sickness chips in around 8,000 feet.

Regions across the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes have traditional fighting festivals as a means for this type of mountain-born aggression. It is not violent like that of a WWE fight. Rules regarding fights and weapons one can use differ from place to place, but the general idea remains the same. In Santo Tomas, the festival is known as Takanakuy, where everybody fights everybody. It takes place in the early Christmas morning.

After the first few days of drinking and merry making, the residents of Santo Tomas wake up and head to the local bullfighting ring to hit each other.

Men, children, women, the aged, the unwell and the intoxicated they all pair off, wrap their hands with scarves, give each other a warm hug before bashing each other with full might in the face. There are local referees with Roman-style whips to keep the fights from getting one-sided. The total crowd rushes in if anybody hits someone. The Peruvian legal system on the whole does not extend into this region. Therefore, the residents of Chumbivilcas save up their grievances all year then take justice into their own fists at Takanakuy. It is a source of enjoyment and fun for the natives.

People from far places visits this festival and get a great thrill out of it. Though the journey to this town is nauseating, but one can rarely enjoy the fights these people indulge in yearly to take pleasure in.