2013 Peru Travel Mart

About hundred and twenty leading buyers from across the world are expected to take part in the 20th edition of PTM (Peru Travel Mart) in May this year This was reported by the National Chamber of Tourism on Wednesday. The Peru Travel Mart will take place in capital Lima from 23rd March to 26th March and the event will welcome as well as ring together international and local wholesalers, buyers and suppliers from the tourism industry throughout the world to learn about the place's exciting things as well as the newest popular places to promote.

Called as the most important trade event in Peru for tourism industry, this Peru Travel Mart welcomed 108 foreign as well as 120 local companies in the year 2012. The event organizers told that this year's 4 - day Peru Travel Mart will welcome 140 Peruvian businesses including banks, airlines, restaurants, tour operators, travel agencies, hotels and many more.

In the meantime, foreign buyers expected to come from countries like Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Oceania, European countries and United States. All the participating countries as well as Peru is expected to generate profit from the travel sector following this event.

Students going to Peru

A passionate teacher has encouraged his students to know other cultures and this inspiration will lead his students who are all set to go to Peru in February 2013. In Peru, they will learn about Peruvian culture, go to the ancient civilization’s remnants and also volunteer at poor elementary schools in the country.

February is a vacation time and this is the time when most students of the Westwood High School will travel around the town, but nineteen students will go to Peru with their Spanish teacher Katelyn Testa. There they will stay at an impoverished elementary school and more importantly, they will see their culture.

Katelyn Testa told her students that Peru is just an amazing place. This is an opportunity that may not show up again and this is one of the primary reasons why several students have decided to come on this tour.

One of the students told that Peru appears to be a nice place – it is interesting and different. This trip is different than going to Spain or France and it is also more difficult because this is a kind of once in a lifetime scope.

Students are looking ahead to see Machu Picchu, the major piece that reminds people of Inca civilization which survived the late sixteenth century’s Spanish Conquest. Locals knew about this place but it became popular to international travelers after 1911.
In the past Testa had taken her students to Spain and some other different places. They were planning for this Peru trip for quite some time.

Peru gets three nominations at World Travel Awards 2012

As the closing dates approaching near, PromPerú, the export and tourism promotion board of Peru is calling on Aussies to cast their vote for Peru in the World Travel Awards this year.

Wall Street Journal has called this award ceremony as the ‘Oscars of tourism’. This year the South American country has been nominated in three categories – ‘World's Leading Tourist Board: PromPerú’, ‘World's Leading Culinary Destination’ and ‘World's Leading Green Destination’.

For the last few years, Peru has turned into a popular destination for Australia travelers. Compared to the first six months of 2011, the first 6 months of 2012 saw a 23% increase in Aussie travelers. With a big Australian fan base, Peru is surely expecting score good at the World Travel Awards as it would raise their profile as a leading international travel destination.

For the last 19 years, the World Travel Awards, recognizing and celebrating excellence in different sectors of tourism throughout the globe. This award covers a whole lot of niche and mainstream categories as well as nominees that are selected by votes given by tourism industry professionals.

Lorena Salhuana, PromPerú’s Director of Communications for Australia, told that they are really excited that they have got three nominations in the World Travel Awards this year. They have worked hard to promote Peru as a unique and a diverse place and now they are delighted that Peru is getting the recognition that it deserve. She added that culinary tour becoming very popular among travelers.

Lokala Studios to open in downtown Peru

Lokala Studios is all set to have a grand opening on Saturday in downtown Peru. Chris Berger and Erin, the co owners of the studio, told that they carry the biggest assortment locally produced and handmade items in the area. The studio actually supports the artists and the local business which are in the Illinois Valley region.

The co owners told that they have some of the most popular things from the most popular businesses. They support local people by handing the artists a place to exhibit their talent. They were quite unique in a way that they always look for new talents and businesses for carry their products for sale.

Bergers further added that is people want to help businesses and want to have their part in making the economy of Illinois Valley economy thrive, then they must buy things at the Lokala Studios.

Chris told that they were also doing fundraisers for schools and charities to keep their commitment to help local people and businesses. They would donate money to these charities. The studio has made a chalkboard sign which is kept outside the studio. In the board, they would tell people about what is going on and what to look forward to. They think that their priority is to serve residents of the valley.

Krinklz Baby items can also be found at the Lokala Studios. The studio has a huge variety of handcrafted products for all ages. The studio opens at 10 am to 6 p from Wednesday through Monday.

Peru to have new airport to boost tourism

There are several paths to visit Machu Picchu in Peru, whether by train, or on a horseback, or on foot and even an organized bus tour. But now it appears that they country is very keen to turn thins even more easy as they are hatching a plan to built an airport in Inca empire, Cusco.

Ollanta Humala, the president of the country, has recently revealed his plans to invest 290 million pounds and build a brand new international standard airport to support the country’s tourism scene in that region.

The current airport of the region is not able to deal with major flights coming from abroad. Therefore, the place has to rely on small planes fly within the country. The place is surrounded by hill and small mountains and this makes it quite tough for large flights to fly in that place. This is the reason more visitors fly to Lima that has little to attract travelers.

A new airport, which is just outside the city, might see international travelers coming directly to this city and making their Machu Picchu journey much easier. Mr Humala told that they require a new airport as the present one is not really sufficient.

This planned airport will not only attract tourists, but will also create more jobs. It will also offer as added value for the surrounding communities. Tourism is a major source of income in Peru and authorities believe that this airport will serve to battle poverty. However, the controversy regarding protecting the Inca ruins have already risen.