New Orleans sees a strong summer travel season

The summer travel season of New Orleans ended strong as Southern Decadence Festival occupied local hotels this last weekend. Mark Romig, the president of the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, told that they were starting to turn a corner as it relates to New Orleans becoming a summer destination.

Romig credited a series of niche fests for development in summer tourism. He added that the fests have done a great job in bringing people in, not just the drive market, but also from across the nation, the Red Dress Run, early in June you have the Tomato, the Zydeco Festival, you have got all these fests that are springing up on weekends that are great for the weekends.

In fact, the fall is also looking to be very promising. National Baptist Convention is now in town, a one day in the fall convention season. Conventioneers started their 4 day long event with a family fun mission fest in Central City.

Home Mission Board Member for the National Baptist Convention Rev. Gilbert Picket told that they do not want to leave all of their money downtown, without making a spiritual impact in the outer surroundings of the downtown area.

Second Zion Baptist Churchs Pastor Gary Lee Curtis stated that it was a really awesome experience. They were looking for them to make a change, difference, most required alteration in this community as well as in this city.

Cajamarca of Peru eyes on padding tourism sector

A government operated program targeted at enduing the Cajamarca area as a top tourism place in the northern Peru is all set to start their 2nd stage by convening private and public actors engaged in travel industry.

The initiative, named Proturismo, is advertized by Cajamarca based Yanacocha Newmont mining with the region’s Chamber of Commerce and looks to nurture institutional toughening of the tourist sector in northern Peruvian area.

While speaking to a leading news agency, Luis Cespedez Ortiz, Cajamarca’s top private business guild’s manager stated that the launching of the 2nd stage was took over after having achieved a real success in the execution of the first stage of the project.

The entrepreneur stated that the new phase would operate with a primary budget of 200 thousand soles (i.e. $71556) which is anticipated to be offered by Cajamarca’s Los Andes Association (ALAC), an entity being operated by above mining.

He further added that they are eager to carry what has been set in the 1st stage in order to become Proturismo into a much more sustainable project over time. Cespedez talked about the importance of tourism activity to force economic development in Cajamarca as this industry offers livelihood for a whole lot of families in the region. He also asked for restoring the confidence of the investors in the tourist sector’s ability to bolster and enhance the potency of the attractions in north Peru.

ATM honors India for their re development works following 2013 calamities

Arabian Travel Market 2014 has selected India as the recipient of 2014 New Frontiers Award in recognition of the nation’s ongoing efforts to reconstruct the physical infrastructure as well as its rural tourism economy following the June 2013 landslides and floods in the northern state of Uttarakhand as well as the devastation bust up by the tropical Cyclone Phailin that wrecked the northeastern states in October.

Significant displacements as well as fatalities of over 1.1 million people were further aggravated by the destruction of entire communities as well as the destruction of crops and farmland. While accepting the award India’s Ministry of Tourism’s Devender Singh said that tremendous effort is being made at all levels in terms of rebuilding tourism infrastructure in the affected regions, from state government activities to all the financial help from the Government of India. It would be a long term process and they have just started to get back to normal, but they are very optimistic for the future.

Arabian Travel Market organizers Reed Travel Exhibitions’ Portfolio Director Mark Walsh told that along with acknowledging India’s efforts in dealing the immense challenge of reconstructing their agricultural and tourism infrastructure, this is also an invaluable scope for the travel industry to learn from the experience of past recipients such as the Philippines and Chile as they share their road to recovery stories.

As per World Travel & Tourism Council’s Annual Economic Impact data, 2014 would be a great year for India’s tourism sector that is set to experience a huge increase in economic contribution.

Peru asks people to stop getting undressed

While visiting Machu Picchu in Peru, there is a possibility that you may see bade butts. Well, these type of incidents are haunting Peru officials. According to a leading Peru newspaper, 4 American tourists were confined on 14th March for getting their cloths off and posing for snaps at the site.

Earlier this week, in some incidents, 2 Canadians and 2 Australians were held up for stripping down for snaps at Machu Picchu. The bare-it-all stories followed a 2013 event in which a nude couple was taped by other visitors while streaking across Machu Picchu's grass field and bounding down a stone staircase like a pair of adolescent antelopes.

The website named My Naked Trip features snaps of an Israeli man (Amichay Rab) posing in the buff at places across South America that even includes Machu Picchu. Amichay’s curly and bold poses have won him a long list of followers.

The video and photos have made the rounds on social mediums. Still, the Peruvian officials were not really amused by this incident.

The Ministry of Culture of t he country has criticized the spectacle of naked visitors at Machu Picchu as disrespectful and unfortunate events and it is something that threatens the cultural heritage. Speaking to a news channel, Peru's Ministry of Culture official Alfredo Mormontoy Atayupanqui told that there are places in the world that people can get naked, but not all places are right for getting undressed.

Pioneer students to go to Peru in July

If everything goes as per plan, then twelve students of the Pioneer Valley Regional School, an expedition leader and 2 teacher chaperones will go to Lima in Peru in July. A Northfield second year student Samantha Gorzocoski stated that it is going to be part community service and part culture exchange. This is also a chance to get out and face the world.

This 3 week long travel would cost around $ 7000 each person. Samantha Gorzocoski and her class mates have now raising money since they listened about the scope regarding this 2 years ago. She told that they have had tag sales, sold seat cushions, had a calendar raffle and sold pizza. They would sell Hillside Pizza’s take and bake pies before Superbowl, as well as more seat cushions during the school basketball season.

On the other hand, Samantha’s parents have mixed reactions regarding sending their daughter to another land. Gorzocoski stated that her mother appeared nervous about her going to a faraway land; and her dad is a bit jealous; he had always wanted to go to Peru.

This Peru trip is not really an official school tour. But all students who are going to the trip are from Pioneer. Emily Beeman, the Pioneer World Language Department Chairwoman and Spanish teacher, would also accompany them to the tour along with gym instructor Robert Englehart. Emily said the students would get much more out of their forthcoming voyage than the average summer tour.