New Orleans sees a strong summer travel season

The summer travel season of New Orleans ended strong as Southern Decadence Festival occupied local hotels this last weekend. Mark Romig, the president of the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, told that they were starting to turn a corner as it relates to New Orleans becoming a summer destination.

Romig credited a series of niche fests for development in summer tourism. He added that the fests have done a great job in bringing people in, not just the drive market, but also from across the nation, the Red Dress Run, early in June you have the Tomato, the Zydeco Festival, you have got all these fests that are springing up on weekends that are great for the weekends.

In fact, the fall is also looking to be very promising. National Baptist Convention is now in town, a one day in the fall convention season. Conventioneers started their 4 day long event with a family fun mission fest in Central City.

Home Mission Board Member for the National Baptist Convention Rev. Gilbert Picket told that they do not want to leave all of their money downtown, without making a spiritual impact in the outer surroundings of the downtown area.

Second Zion Baptist Churchs Pastor Gary Lee Curtis stated that it was a really awesome experience. They were looking for them to make a change, difference, most required alteration in this community as well as in this city.