Lokala Studios to open in downtown Peru

Lokala Studios is all set to have a grand opening on Saturday in downtown Peru. Chris Berger and Erin, the co owners of the studio, told that they carry the biggest assortment locally produced and handmade items in the area. The studio actually supports the artists and the local business which are in the Illinois Valley region.

The co owners told that they have some of the most popular things from the most popular businesses. They support local people by handing the artists a place to exhibit their talent. They were quite unique in a way that they always look for new talents and businesses for carry their products for sale.

Bergers further added that is people want to help businesses and want to have their part in making the economy of Illinois Valley economy thrive, then they must buy things at the Lokala Studios.

Chris told that they were also doing fundraisers for schools and charities to keep their commitment to help local people and businesses. They would donate money to these charities. The studio has made a chalkboard sign which is kept outside the studio. In the board, they would tell people about what is going on and what to look forward to. They think that their priority is to serve residents of the valley.

Krinklz Baby items can also be found at the Lokala Studios. The studio has a huge variety of handcrafted products for all ages. The studio opens at 10 am to 6 p from Wednesday through Monday.