Cajamarca of Peru eyes on padding tourism sector

A government operated program targeted at enduing the Cajamarca area as a top tourism place in the northern Peru is all set to start their 2nd stage by convening private and public actors engaged in travel industry.

The initiative, named Proturismo, is advertized by Cajamarca based Yanacocha Newmont mining with the region’s Chamber of Commerce and looks to nurture institutional toughening of the tourist sector in northern Peruvian area.

While speaking to a leading news agency, Luis Cespedez Ortiz, Cajamarca’s top private business guild’s manager stated that the launching of the 2nd stage was took over after having achieved a real success in the execution of the first stage of the project.

The entrepreneur stated that the new phase would operate with a primary budget of 200 thousand soles (i.e. $71556) which is anticipated to be offered by Cajamarca’s Los Andes Association (ALAC), an entity being operated by above mining.

He further added that they are eager to carry what has been set in the 1st stage in order to become Proturismo into a much more sustainable project over time. Cespedez talked about the importance of tourism activity to force economic development in Cajamarca as this industry offers livelihood for a whole lot of families in the region. He also asked for restoring the confidence of the investors in the tourist sector’s ability to bolster and enhance the potency of the attractions in north Peru.